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Ozmo Energize
Ozmo Sleep
Ozmo Immunity
Ozmo Just B12
Ozmo Soothe
Ozmo Drink Aid

The OZMO Difference

This Is Not Your Traditional Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Patch

Made with Hydrogel

Our ISO 10933 compliant hydrogel material is medical-grade and used in healthcare facilities around the world.  Vegan, hypo-allergenic, all natural, and paraben-free.

Efficient Absorption

Our patches are all made with 25% water to help promote efficient absorption of supplement-infused hydrogel into your skin.

Direct to Bloodstream

Your body heat releases supplements through the skin and directly into the bloodstream, bypassing your acidic digestive system.

Extended Time Release

Our patches safely release ingredients directly into your bloodstream steadily over several hours so that effects are long-lasting.  

All Day Comfort

Made with flexible and breathable fabric so you will not even know you are wearing it. 

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